To the Salad Naysayers

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Adding a little lifestyle content to my writing and wandering blog…

Someone told me the other day that they “don’t like salads.” My response to that is: that’s because you’re doing it wrong.

So, how to do it right?

Start with an interesting green as a base (arugula, kale, swiss chard) and not one of those mixed-bag grocery store mixes. Add something sweet (strawberries, peaches), something crunchy (nuts, sunflower seeds), something in the onion family (like shallots!), a cheese of some sort (I like goat or feta), some random veggies you have (red peppers, asparagus) and as a bonus, a grain (quinoa or faro). Adjust to your personal tastes.

Then the most important part: the dressing. Skip the store-bought bottles—I’ve yet to discover a good one—and make it yourself. My favorite dressing on earth is the one my French host mother used to make, which was just good mustard mixed with good olive oil with a little salt, pepper, and water to thin it out.

Oh, and add some French (or Italian) bread. Voilà, an amazing meal.

So that was my big PSA for the week. Here are a few more things:

Reading: Still on The Rest of Us Just Live Here and still really liking it. My shorter commute has made me a slow reader this year. Someone else I know please read this so we can discuss.

Writing: Sloooowly working on the Play Story. Life is getting in the way.

Listening to: The Band. Really great pre-summer music.

Watching: Hodor 😦

Cooking: The aforementioned amazing salads.

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