Wanderlusty Wednesday: Home


This week I’m headed to my favorite place on earth: HOME to my parents’ house on the Jersey Shore. I’ll be spending the next four days in the company of my family, eating too much pie and drinking too much wine and playing too many board games and laughing way too hard. We spend Thanksgiving Day with my mom’s side of the family, known as “the big side”. My mom has seven brothers and sisters, which means lots of cousins. We now rent a house to host Thanksgiving in, because people keep procreating and no one’s house is big enough on its own anymore. There will be 55 of us around the table this year, which isn’t even a record–we’ve broken 60 before! (Now do you see why I’m concerned about the cost of my wedding? ‘Cause that’s not even half the family.) And then Friday morning we’ll attempt to work off (some of) our epic meal with our flag football game, played in memory of my cousin Cheryl whom we lost to cancer four years ago.

I write a lot about traveling and how wonderful it is to go places outside your comfort zone, and I mean all of that, really I do. But if I can be cheesy for a moment–there’s really nowhere on earth that’s better than somewhere filled with the people you love. It really is not where you are, but who you’re with that matters.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Image of my parents’ front porch, taken by me.

Wanderlusty Wednesday: Camp Hoover


I am super-bummed to have missed my annual camping trip with my cousins in North Jersey this year because of moving weekend. But here is a photo of our favorite campsite at our favorite camping ground. The best thing about this place is that it looks exactly the same today as it did twenty years ago. I love the tall trees, I love the Civil War-era tents, I love the battered old canoes, I love the midget-height showers with their giant spiders. I love that nothing changes. Til next year, Camp Hoover!

Friday Things


Happy Friday! I love summer. It’s the season of getting invited to go beautiful places for free. We spent last weekend at Lake Sacandaga at our friends’ parents’ cabin, and this weekend we’re headed down to Long Beach Island to stay at my boyfriend’s aunt’s beach house. I’m looking forward to a few days of reading and relaxation. But first, three things that made my week:

  1. In my writing class, I was accused of being “too coy” with the plot of my novel. There’s a delicate balance between hinting at a mystery to create tension, and frustrating your readers by not telling them enough. This post does a really good job explaining how to toe that line.

2. Five life lessons from five years traveling the world.

3. Finally sundresses for the rest of us 🙂

Reading: Still this. It’s long. But good.

Watching: Friends on Netflix as I get ready in the morning. Laughing is such a great start to the day.

Listening to: Mat Kearney. It’s good stuff.

Image found somewhere on this Tumblr