Things Making Me Think


Happy Friday!

How was your week? I had a good one comprised of Monday cocktails, solo dinners, and visiting old colleagues and realizing I definitely made the right choice in leaving my old job and taking this new one. And not just because I now get ice cream at work.

I decided to change the name of this series to “things making me think” because thinking is (usually) a good thing.

Here are those things:

at my new job, I get to write a blog. the first post I wrote, and first interview I’ve ever done, is up!

if you’re having a bad day

screw you guys, they’re not ugly

a successful query

this is important! and not just to grammar nerds like myself!

these are so cool, and giving me all kinds of novel setting ideas

this just made laugh

Reading: About 3/4 of the way through this, and while I’m still engrossed in this world, I don’t know if this installment is going to be my fave of the three. It’s wayyyy slower.

Writing: I abandoned my YA fantasy in favor of my previously abandoned YA contemporary about kids on a stage crew. It’s going along, mostly, though I’m realizing there are a lot of things I don’t remember in enough detail about my days on stage crew. I may need to try and talk to someone who does it currently. We shall see.

Watching: Started watching this, for work-related purposes. Not totally hooked yet–I feel like it’s Mad Men ten years later with more nudity and less clever writing–but I’m only one episode in.

Listening to: Got nostalgic and started listening to the Billy Joel Pandora station. It’s good when you’re in that mood.

Cooking: These are amazing. They don’t stay together very well, but you’re eating them, not photographing them, so who cares?

Have a wonderful weekend!

Lovely image found here

I Need To Come Up With A Better Title For This Series (suggestions welcome)


I’m writing this on my deck in the middle of a lovely cloudy day off which I’ve dedicated to catching up on my writing. So just time for a brief recap of the week (yes, I stole that line.)

Yes, please.

We need to stop asking women writers these questions.

I have yet to do either of these things, but I love this analogy.

They should just put me in charge of these things.

And no link here, just a plea for help: what do you do when your skin suddenly gets horribly dry?

Reading: Thisfinally, and I’m only about a quarter of the way in but so far, I dare say, I think it’s better than the first.

Writing: Finally got my YA fantasy under control. Finally at the First Plot Point (Antagonistic forces fully comes into play, defining the goal, stakes, and obstacles for the protagonist; first time the meaning and implication of antagonistic events are seen.) I just need more time to work on it.

Watching: Finished this and am having withdrawal. I think this place needs to be in my not-so-distant travel plans.

Listening to: the same stuff I always am. I really need to expand my horizons.

Cooking: This is SO GOOD.

Image of the view from my deck, taken by me, on a not-so-cloudy day

Friday Things


Hey, I managed to do a blog post today!

Some things that made me happy this week:

The breakthrough moment.

Do you do this?

An awesome post for when you’re ready to query.

I need to start a series like this.

I want to go here.

And when the master makes a list like this, you better take notice.

Reading: After finishing this and getting angry that the sequel hadn’t arrived in the mail, I started reading this, which is just as good as this. But the sequel just came today and I can’t decide what I want to read more. #goodproblemstohave

Writing: The YA fantasy is a bit stuck. I’m trying not to edit as I go but I made a major change to the beginning and am having trouble simply making the note “this happens instead” and moving the plot from there. I think I’m someone who needs to edit as she goes. And I think that’s okay.

Watching: I know I’m about 25 years late, but I started watching this. From the beginning. I like it. And the ’90s hair makes it that much better.

Listening to: Have you heard of this? I had not, but now I’m managing our branded account, so am quickly getting myself acquainted with it. If you’re a regular user, let me know if you have any tips.

Cooking: Quick and easy dinners. Like this one: 1. poach two eggs 2. sauté shallots and shiitake mushrooms 3. put everything over a bowl of arugula and top with salt, pepper, and fresh ricotta 4. eat with a warm baguette. (and some sauvignon blanc, if you feel so inclined).

Have a lovely weekend!

Image that makes me long for elsewhere found here