Wanderlusty Wednesday: A Travel Dilemma


Please help me make a decision!

So I wrote a little while ago about how our friends randomly invited us to go to Grenada on short notice, and in the spirit of “why not?” travel, we said yes. Flights booked, Airbnb booked, Grenada here we come!

Well, it turns out there are actually reason why not to go to Grenada right now. That mosquito virus, mainly. I’m not pregnant, but one of my friends may be and another is trying–so everyone else has backed out of the trip.

Also, a US tourist just got murdered there. It wouldn’t be a deterrent, normally, but it’s kind of weird this news has come right as my boyfriend and I are debating whether or not to still go.

I know we’d have fun just the two of us but we’re already kind of bummed since it was supposed to be a group trip. We won’t be able to afford as nice of a place with just us, the car rental will be more, etc. I’m not excited about it anymore. And now I’m also worried, more about the virus than the murder. Anyone infected is being asked to wait two years before trying to get pregnant. I’m not sure what the next two years hold for me, but I really didn’t have “wait out mosquito virus” in my plans.

I know I’ve said not to let fear stop you from traveling before, but disease scares me in a very different way than terrorism does. I’m also just not excited to go anymore. I don’t know if we can get our airfare refunded–but even if we can’t, I may just want to stay home.

What should we do? I’m notoriously terrible at decision-making. (The Libra in me.) Please help!

Image which isn’t making this decision any easier found here

In The Spirit of “Why Not” Travel…


I got an email last week from my friend saying they were heading to Grenada for her husband’s birthday in a month. And would we like to come?

My boyfriend and I looked at each other. We just got back from vacation, our bank accounts are slightly depleted from that trip + Christmas, we’re insanely busy this month, we know nothing about Grenada, and this is kind of last minute. So many reasons not to go.

But on the other hand… when’s the next time someone’s going to invite us to go to Grenada?

So I tapped into my go-to travel philosophy et voilà, two tickets to Grenada booked!

Anyone been there? Have any recommendations? I haven’t started doing research yet since this JUST happened, so all I know is it’s a beautiful island in the Caribbean. But that’s good enough for me!

P.S. Ever since we decide to go, I’ve had this song stuck in my head. “Is it Grenada I see, or only Asbury Park?” Did anyone else spend their childhood listening to Frank Sinatra in their half-Italian household? No? Just me? Okay then.

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