Writing Tip: “Three Great Scenes, No Bad Ones”


So as I’m slogging through my current work-in-progress, there are a lot of problems I’m encountering. One of them is this:

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MK’s Book Reviews: A 3-Star Streak


I haven’t written a book review in a little while because I prefer writing about books I loved. And most of the books I’ve read lately are just books I kinda liked. But I suppose a round-up of 3-star books couldn’t hurt, if you’re considering reading any of these titles…

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One Big Thing You Need To Write A Great Manuscript


So I’ve talked some about my own personal NaNoWriMo–attempting to write a first draft in three months, instead of one–and also about how I’m just a wee bit behind. (More specifically: my total word count is at about a third of what it should be.) But I don’t feel like a failure, because after 2+ months of outlining and drafting (and a hell of a lot of deleting) I finally have one big thing down…

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MK’s Book Reviews: Carry On


Confession: I’ve been an obnoxiously slow reader lately. Life has been getting in the way. But last night, I finally finished this book...

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