Wanderlusty Wednesday: A Change of Plans


Remember how two weeks ago I said we’d decided to go to the Pacific Northwest for a road trip this year?

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Feeling wanderlusty

Feeling wanderlusty

Jesus Christ, I miss traveling. I once lived somewhere where I could hop a cheap flight and be pretty much anywhere in Europe in under a few hours. One Friday afternoon when I lived in Saint-Lô, I was browsing the internet looking for something to do that weekend and found a sale on Ryan Air—50 euro round trip Paris-Dublin. Done! What followed was a super random weekend in a dirty hostel with Irish accents and a weird mummy-dude in a churchyard and way too much beer.

There are a ton of things I don’t miss about being abroad, and I ton of things I love about living in Brooklyn. Now I spend my weekends writing, which is what I should be doing. But my stories wouldn’t be half as rich without all the experiences I’ve had and the people I met along the way.