Wanderlusty Wednesday: Saint-Malo

Saint Malo_RETIn honor of the fact that I’ve just started reading this book (and so far, it’s amazing), today I’m going to talk about one of my favorite little places on earth: Saint-Malo.

Rampart_RETLa Ville_RETSaint-Malo is a walled port city in Bretagne, or Brittany, France. You should go there.Les ramparts II_RETWhy?

You can get there easily by train from Paris. It’s a great place to stay while exploring the area around it–you can hop a bus to the famous Mont-Saint-Michel, a ferry to the less famous but still amazing Channel Islands, which include Jersey (the namesake of my home state!) and Guernsey (the setting of this beautiful book).

Also, Saint-Malo is just a beautiful, amazing place, all by itself.Face_RETWhen I first visited I didn’t even know this city had sustained damage in World War II–that’s how well it’s been restored. You feel like you’re walking through the fifteenth century.

At low tide, you can wander the beaches and climb all over the rocks…Le Vieux Quartier_RET…it has pretty yellow lichen on its rocks, and nice messages written in the sand…Yellow Rocks II_RETJe t'aime edited…you can wander the ramparts and pretend you’re a medieval soldier–or just take in the beautiful views…

On the Ramparts_RETPresque Ile_RET… and the town inside the walls is adorable, with narrow little cobblestoned streets, boutique hotels, and amazing seafood…La Ville at Night_RETBut pay attention to the tides:Danger!Because for part of the day, the beach looks like this:Peninsula_RET… and then later that same day, it looks like this:Peninsula devient Ile_RETI’m really enjoying learning more about Saint-Malo in my book. I know I’m going to be devastated when the Allied bombers arrive, though since I spent a year living in a town where the destruction was even worse, I guess I should be used to it when visiting this region of France, whether through the pages of a book or in person.

I’ve been to Saint-Malo twice and I fully intend to go back again someday. Can you imagine living there? One can only dream…

All photos taken by me, April 2004 and April 2007