The Good Things: May




Amongst a stressful month (does anyone else have nightly dreams about showing up to their own wedding only to realize they forgot to plan it? No? Just me?) I still found time to appreciate some good things in my life. And they are:

A Good Bookish Thing I read two 9-star books: this one, and also Bone Gap, by Laura Ruby, which I hope to review next week. Stay tuned.

A Good Entertainment-ish Thing  I became conflicted by and enamored with this show, and have since moved on to the much-discussed teen drama Riverdale. It has its highs and lows; time will tell if this is something I’ll finish watching.

A Good Writerly Thing I figured out how to fix Swim … I think. Also, while having writer’s block with that manuscript, I went back and reoutlined and rewrote the beginning of The Chateau Story, and dare I say, this may be the structure and voice that work stick.

A Good Seasonal Thing Sitting outside on my deck in the sun. I just need to remember the sunscreen next time.

A Good Habit-Shifting Thing Keeping track of all the overtime hours I work so I can make sure to make them up during the day by working on something other than work at work. (Did you follow that?)

A Good Delicious Thing I’m on a galette kick. I turned this recipe into a galette, then I also made this one (word to the wise; skip the salt in the potatoes step, it’s already salty enough.)

A Good Random Thing This Instagram account makes me laugh.

A Good Thing to Look Forward To Summer. The beach. Sitting on a blanket with a book and not moving for hours. I can’t wait.

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MK’s Book (and TV) Reviews: Thirteen Reasons Why


I’d had this book on my radar for some time, even though, for many reasons, suicide is not a subject I like to read about. But it was a YA phenomenon, and so, prompted by the Netflix hype, I finally read it, and…

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Guest Post Alert!


I’m excited to be featured on one of my favorite writing blogs today! Head on over to Writability to see my post on why working with the right critique partners is so important!

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